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CrossFit Planner - Crush Your Fitness Goals!

Welcome to the CrossFit Planner, designed to support and enhance your CrossFit training journey. This planner is your go-to tool to keep your workouts organized, set new challenges, and monitor your progress. Stay motivated, achieve new heights, and take your fitness to the next level!

How the planner helps

  1. Exercise Log: Keep a detailed record of your CrossFit workouts, including exercises, sets, reps, and notes, to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  2. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible): Challenge yourself with AMRAP routines, where you strive to complete as many workout rounds within a set time. Monitor your performance and aim to beat your best score.
  3. EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute): Push your limits with EMOM workouts, performing a specific exercise at the start of every minute. Use the planner to schedule and track your EMOM sessions.
  4. Tabata: Incorporate Tabata intervals into your training, consisting of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for maximum efficiency. Monitor your progress and see your stamina improve.
  5. Weekly Fitness Menu: Plan your CrossFit workouts for the week ahead, ensuring a balanced and effective training schedule to target different muscle groups and fitness areas.
  6. 30 Days Challenge: Embark on a 30-day CrossFit challenge, setting ambitious goals and tracking your daily progress to see remarkable improvements.

List of planners included

  1. Exercise Log
  2. AMRAP
  3. EMOM
  4. Tabata
  5. Weekly Fitness Menu
  6. 30 Days Challenge
  7. Planner Cover Page

Please note that the colors of the PDF files may vary slightly from what is displayed on your computer screen and when printed.

Steps to download

  1. Tap on the download button.
  2. Fill in your name and email address.
  3. Download and print as many copies of the planner as you need.
  4. Let the organization journey begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CrossFit Planner?

    The CrossFit Planner is a comprehensive tool designed to assist you in organizing and enhancing your CrossFit training. It includes various planners such as Exercise Log, AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata, Weekly Fitness Menu, 30 Days Challenge, and a Planner Cover Page to help you stay focused, set new goals, and track your progress.

  • How can I benefit from using the Exercise Log in the CrossFit Planner?

    The Exercise Log allows you to record all your CrossFit workouts, including the exercises performed, sets, reps, and any additional notes. Maintaining a detailed log will enable you to monitor your progress, identify areas for improvement, and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

  • What are AMRAP and EMOM in the CrossFit Planner?

    AMRAP stands for "As Many Rounds As Possible," where you aim to complete as many rounds of a specific workout within a set time. EMOM stands for "Every Minute on the Minute," involving performing a designated exercise at the start of every minute. These routines are excellent for challenging yourself and improving your fitness levels.

  • How can I utilize the 30 Days Challenge in the CrossFit Planner?

    The 30 Days Challenge allows you to set ambitious goals and track your daily progress throughout the challenge. Use it to establish new personal records, push your limits, and witness impressive improvements in your CrossFit performance.

  • Is the CrossFit Planner suitable for beginners?

    Yes, the CrossFit Planner is designed to be user-friendly and beneficial for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. It provides a structured approach to track workouts, set goals, and challenge yourself, making it a valuable tool for those starting their CrossFit journey.

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