Canyoneering checklist

The Canyoneering Checklist is a comprehensive list of items and activities to help ensure a safe and successful canyoneering experience. It covers everything from packing the right equipment and supplies to learning about route conditions and hazards. It also provides guidance for setting up rappels and anchors and for safely navigating through a canyon system. The checklist also covers topics such as communication, navigation, water and nutrition, and emergency preparedness. For the novice canyoneer, the checklist serves as a great starting point for learning the fundamentals of canyoneering. Experienced canyoneers can use the list as a reminder of important safety protocols and preparation steps.

  • 1 Personal Equipment
    • Harness
      • Helmet
        • Climbing shoes
          • Descender device
            • Rope
              • Carabiners
                • Slings
                  • Ascender device
                    • Rappel device
                      • Prussik loop
                        • Waterproof clothing
                          • Waterproof pack
                            • Headlamp
                              • First aid kit
                                • Whistle
                                  • 2 Group Equipment
                                    • Throw rope
                                      • Webbing
                                        • Quickdraws
                                          • Anchor material
                                            • Gloves
                                              • Extra carabiners
                                                • Extra slings
                                                  • Backup rappel device
                                                    • 3 Other Items
                                                      • Food
                                                        • Water
                                                          • Sunscreen
                                                            • Maps
                                                              • Emergency contact information
                                                                • Emergency shelter
                                                                  • Emergency signaling device
                                                                    • A camera
                                                                      • Binoculars
                                                                        • Compass
                                                                          • Bug repellent

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                                                                            Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                            • What type of clothing should I wear for canyoneering?

                                                                              You should wear clothing that is lightweight, quick drying, and protective. Depending on the temperature and conditions, you may want to wear a wetsuit or drysuit, neoprene boots, and a helmet.

                                                                            • What type of gear do I need for canyoneering?

                                                                              You will need a harness, rappelling device, slings, carabiners, helmet, gloves, a knife or multi-tool, a first aid kit, and a map. Depending on the terrain, you may also need wetsuits, drysuits, and wetsuit boots.

                                                                            • Is there a minimum age requirement for canyoneering?

                                                                              Yes, most canyoneering activities require participants to be at least 16 years old. However, some companies may allow younger children to participate with parent or guardian supervision.