Crisis Communication Plan Checklist

The Crisis Communication Plan Checklist is a tool to help organizations prepare for and manage communication during a crisis. The checklist includes steps to identify and assess potential risks, develop a crisis communication strategy, create key messages, identify communication channels, and set up a crisis response team. It is a comprehensive tool for organizations to use to ensure all necessary steps are taken to effectively manage communication during a crisis and to protect their reputation. The checklist is also a useful reference for organizations to review regularly to ensure their crisis communication plan is up to date.

  • Review Your Plan: Make sure your Crisis Communication Plan is up-to-date and includes the latest information relevant to your organization.
  • Assign Roles/Responsibilities: Identify who will be responsible for the different tasks associated with crisis communications.
  • Identify Your Message: Determine what message you would like to communicate in a crisis and make sure it is consistent across all channels.
  • Develop a Script: Create a script for stakeholders to ensure your message is communicated accurately and effectively.
  • Establish Processes: Develop processes for monitoring, responding and tracking crisis communications.
  • Establish Contact Lists: Create contact lists of media outlets, stakeholders and other key people to inform in the event of a crisis.
  • Establish a Chain of Command: Establish a chain of command with clear lines of authority and decision-making.
  • Train Your Team: Educate your team on how to respond in a crisis and how to use the Crisis Communication Plan.
  • Establish a Crisis Communication Center: Identify a central location where your team can operate and manage crisis communications.
  • Monitor: Monitor all communication channels for any potential crisis situations.
  • Respond: Respond to any crisis communications quickly and effectively.
  • Follow Up: Follow up with stakeholders and other key people to ensure your message is communicated accurately and effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be included in a crisis communication plan?

    A crisis communication plan should include a clear strategy for responding to a crisis, an outline of the roles and responsibilities of each team member, contact information for key stakeholders, a list of approved messaging, and an outline of the process for responding to media inquiries.