Digital Accessibility Checklist

The Digital Accessibility Checklist is a comprehensive resource designed to help organizations create accessible online content. It covers topics such as website design, coding, text accessibility, and multimedia. The checklist includes best practices for creating content that is accessible to people with disabilities such as visually impaired users, those with hearing impairments, and those with cognitive impairments. It also includes detailed recommendations on how to ensure digital content is usable and accessible for everyone. The checklist is an invaluable resource for organizations to ensure their digital content is accessible to everyone.

  • Ensure images and graphics have alternative text
  • Use high contrast colors for text and backgrounds
  • Use clearly legible fonts
  • Ensure all links are clearly labelled
  • Use headings to structure content
  • Ensure keyboard navigation is working
  • Avoid using pop-ups, as they can be difficult to close
  • Provide captions and transcripts for audio/video content
  • Ensure all form elements have labels
  • Use an accessibility validator to test your web pages

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is digital accessibility?

    Digital accessibility is the process of making digital content and services accessible to people with disabilities. This includes designing products and services that are usable by people with a range of abilities, including people with vision, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments.

  • What types of disabilities can digital accessibility help with?

    Digital accessibility can help people with a range of disabilities, including vision, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments.

  • What is the WCAG?

    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a set of guidelines and techniques for making digital content and services more accessible for people with disabilities. The WCAG is divided into three levels of conformance: A, AA, and AAA.

  • What is an accessibility checklist?

    An accessibility checklist is a list of criteria that can be used to test digital content and services for accessibility. The criteria in an accessibility checklist should be based on the WCAG.