Employee File Checklist

The Employee File Checklist is a comprehensive list of documents and information that should be kept in an employee’s file. It includes information like the employee's job application, resume, health records, performance reviews, training documents, and disciplinary actions. It also contains records of key activities, such as safety training and certifications. Having an up-to-date and complete employee file is important for legal compliance and for tracking employee performance. Additionally, having a checklist helps employers ensure all the necessary information is being stored and that employee files are complete. With the employee file checklist, employers can easily keep track of employee records and ensure that all important documents are accounted for.

  • Job Application
  • Resume
  • Offer Letter
  • Background Check Authorization Form
  • I-9 Form
  • W-4 Form
  • State Tax Withholding Form
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Performance Reviews
  • Termination Documents
  • Training Records
  • Benefit Forms
  • Salary Information
  • Time Card Records
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Medical Documents
  • Vacation and Sick Leave Records
  • Union Representation Documents (if applicable)
  • Professional Certifications
  • Relevant Education Records

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents should be included in an employee file?

    Documents to include in an employee file typically include an employment application, job offer letter, employment contract, job description, performance reviews, training records, and any other documents related to the employee’s job.

  • What type of documents should be kept confidential in an employee file?

    Documents such as salary, performance evaluations, and medical records should be kept confidential in an employee file.

  • How long should an employee file be kept?

    An employee file should be kept for the duration of the employee’s employment and for a period of up to seven years after the employment has ended.