Font Design Checklist

The Font Design Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to help designers create effective font designs. It covers the basics of typeface design, from choosing the right typeface and font size to balancing the size and weight of each letter. It also covers other important aspects such as kerning, spacing, and tracking. The checklist also includes helpful tips, such as how to use different styles of type to create a hierarchy and how to use color to create contrast. Finally, the checklist provides a list of resources for downloading fonts and for getting feedback from experienced typeface designers.

  • Identify the purpose of the font: What will it be used for?
  • Research and select a typeface: Decide if you want to use a serif, sans-serif, script, or display font.
  • Evaluate font legibility: Make sure the font is easy to read.
  • Consider font style: Make sure it fits the aesthetic of your project.
  • Test font size: Ensure the font size is appropriate for the intended use.
  • Check font spacing: Ensure the spacing between characters is consistent.
  • Inspect font kerning: Make sure the characters have the right amount of space between them.
  • Review font metrics: Make sure the baseline, x-height, and cap height are consistent.
  • Test font weights: Make sure the font looks good in different weights (e.g., bold, italic, etc).
  • Check font hinting: Make sure the font is properly hinted for the intended device.
  • Examine font features: Make sure the font has the features you need (e.g., ligatures, swashes, etc).
  • Evaluate font compatibility: Make sure the font will work on the intended devices.
  • Test font output: Print out the font to check for any issues with the print quality.
  • Check font licensing: Make sure you have the necessary rights to use the font.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a font design checklist?

    A font design checklist is a set of guidelines to help designers create typefaces that are legible, aesthetically pleasing, and technically sound. The checklist includes considerations such as kerning, tracking, line spacing, and character sets.

  • What are the most important considerations when designing a font?

    The most important considerations when designing a font are legibility, readability, and aesthetics. Legibility refers to how easily a typeface can be read at different sizes. Readability refers to how easily a typeface can be read in different contexts. Aesthetics refer to how attractive a typeface is and how it interacts with other elements of a design.

  • How can I make sure my font is technically sound?

    To make sure your font is technically sound, you should check for consistency in the kerning, tracking, line spacing, and character sets. You should also make sure your font is compatible with the programs and operating systems you intend to use it with.