Game launch checklist

The Game Launch Checklist is a comprehensive guide to ensure a successful launch of a new game. It includes a list of key tasks to be completed, such as setting up a website and app stores, creating a marketing plan, and preparing game servers. It also includes advice on testing and debugging, as well as tips on how to monitor the game's success after launch. The checklist is an invaluable tool for game developers and publishers, and can help ensure a smooth launch process and maximize the potential of your game.

  • Create a marketing plan: Identify the target audience, set launch goals and develop a budget.
  • Finalize the game: Test the game and make sure all bugs are fixed.
  • Prepare the game for launch: Create a demo or video, write press releases and create promotional materials.
  • Set up online storefronts: Set up accounts with online stores such as Steam or Humble Bundle to distribute the game.
  • Prepare for launch day: Set up social media accounts and a website to promote the game.
  • Launch the game: Make sure the game is available on time and that all promotional materials are ready.
  • Monitor the game’s performance: Track downloads, revenue and reviews to measure success.
  • Evaluate post-launch: Analyze data and feedback to identify areas of improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do before launching a game?

    Before launching a game, you should ensure that all necessary components and features are completed, that the game is properly tested, and that the game is thoroughly optimized for the best user experience. Additionally, you should create a marketing plan and budget, build hype and awareness, and plan the launch date and any post-launch events.

  • What tasks should be included in a game launch checklist?

    A game launch checklist should include tasks such as: creating a marketing plan and budget, building hype and awareness, setting up a product page, preparing launch trailers and screenshots, creating a press kit, optimizing the game for the best user experience, testing the game, planning the launch date and any post-launch events, and other tasks that ensure the successful launch of the game.

  • Who should be involved in the game launch process?

    The game launch process should involve a variety of people, including developers, marketers, publicists, designers, and other professionals who can help ensure the successful launch of the game.