Podcast Guest Onboarding Checklist

The Podcast Guest Onboarding Checklist is a comprehensive guide to ensure that both the host and guest are prepared for the show. It includes steps such as setting a date and time for the recording, confirming the guest’s contact information, communicating the topics to be discussed, sharing a pre-interview questionnaire, preparing the guest for the technical aspects of the recording, providing remote access to the recording platform, and sending a thank you note after the episode has aired. Utilizing the checklist can help streamline the podcast process, create a more successful recording experience, and ensure that both parties are prepared for the show.

  • Confirm podcast details
    • Podcast name.
    • Date and time of recording.
    • Duration of interview.
    • Host s.
    • Topic and subject.
    • Platform software to be used.
  • Schedule pre interview call
    • Confirm guest s availability.
    • Discuss interview details and expectations.
    • Introduce guest to host s.
  • Pre interview preparation
    • Ensure guest has necessary equipment e g computer microphone headphones.
    • Test audio video connection.
    • Prepare interview questions.
    • Prepare any materials for the guest to review e g slides articles.
  • Greet guest on recording day
    • Introduce guest to host s.
    • Review ground rules and expectations.
    • Review interview questions.
  • Record podcast
    • Monitor audio video quality.
    • Ask questions and encourage conversation.
  • Post interview
    • Thank guest for their time.
    • Ask for any additional information e g bios photos links.
    • Send any requested materials.
    • Schedule follow up call to review final product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do I need to provide before my podcast interview?

    You should provide your full name, bio, headshot or profile photo, website link, and any other information the podcast host may request before your interview.

  • What is expected of me in a podcast interview?

    You should be prepared to answer questions that the host may have, provide insights on topics discussed, and be an engaging and informative guest.

  • How should I prepare for a podcast interview?

    It is important to review the topics that will be discussed and research the podcast host and their audience. Additionally, you should practice speaking clearly and concisely, as well as be prepared to provide interesting anecdotes or stories to add to the discussion.