Content publishing checklist for the intranet

The Content Publishing Checklist For The Intranet is a comprehensive guide for publishing content on an intranet. It covers everything from setting up the intranet, to creating and publishing content, to managing access and permissions. It provides a step-by-step checklist of tasks to ensure that all content is published in a consistent and effective way. It also includes guidance for managing user access, setting up notifications, and configuring the intranet for maximum efficiency. By following the checklist, organizations can ensure that their intranet remains up-to-date with the latest content, and that all users have the necessary access and permissions to view and use the content.

  • Ensure content is accurate and well-written
  • Check for any content that may need to be updated
  • Check for any formatting errors
  • Ensure content is in the correct categories
  • Ensure content is easily accessible and searchable
  • Check for any broken links or incorrect URLs
  • Ensure content is relevant to the intended audience
  • Make sure all images are of high-quality and relevant
  • Preview content before publishing
  • Ensure content follows corporate branding guidelines
  • Double-check all content for typos
  • Make sure all content is properly attributed and cited

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of content should be published on the intranet?

    Content that is relevant and useful to employees should be published to the intranet. Examples of content may include announcements, policies, procedures, forms, job postings, and corporate news.

  • What is the process for publishing content to the intranet?

    Generally, the process will involve submitting content to the intranet team for review and approval, as well as formatting and publishing the content on the intranet.

  • Who is responsible for reviewing and approving content for publishing on the intranet?

    Generally, the intranet team or a designated manager or supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving content prior to publishing.