Database Testing Checklist

Database testing is a type of software testing that checks the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data in databases. It verifies the data integrity of the database and validates the database objects, such as tables, views, stored procedures, and triggers. A database testing checklist should include verifying data integrity, data validity, data consistency, data accuracy, data security, data migration, and performance testing. It should also include testing the triggers, stored procedures, views, and other database objects. Database testing helps ensure that the database is functioning properly and provides an efficient and reliable way to store and retrieve data.

  • Verify database server responses to SQL queries
  • Verify database server performance
  • Verify database server security
  • Verify database server integrity
  • Verify database server availability
  • Verify data accuracy and completeness
  • Verify database object structure
  • Verify database triggers
  • Verify database stored procedures
  • Verify database constraints
  • Verify database backup and recovery
  • Verify database data recovery
  • Verify database replication
  • Verify database transaction management
  • Verify database scalability and capacity
  • Verify database indexing
  • Verify database migration and upgrades

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Database Testing?

    Database testing is a process of testing the integrity and accuracy of data stored in a database, to ensure it is consistent with the expected results. This includes verifying that data is complete, accurate, and valid, and that it is stored in the correct format and the correct location.

  • What are the objectives of Database Testing?

    The main objectives of Database Testing are to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data stored in the database, as well as the integrity of the overall database structure.

  • What are the common Database Testing techniques?

    Common Database Testing techniques include Structural Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, Data Integrity Testing, Performance Testing, and Compatibility Testing.