Employee Resignation Checklist

An Employee Resignation Checklist is a comprehensive list of tasks and considerations that need to be addressed when an employee resigns from a business. It helps ensure that all parties involved in the process are aware of their responsibilities and that the transition is as smooth as possible. The Checklist covers topics like terminating the employee’s access to company systems and data, collecting company property, preparing the final paycheck, and addressing any accrued vacation or sick leave. It also covers topics like providing a letter of recommendation and notifying other employees, customers, and vendors of the employee’s departure. The Employee Resignation Checklist is an important tool for ensuring a smooth transition for the departing employee, the business, and all other parties involved.

  • Provide written notice to employer:
  • Submit resignation letter:
  • Return company property:
  • Complete final time sheet:
  • Collect final pay:
  • Complete exit interview:
  • Schedule final meeting with supervisor:
  • Notify associates of resignation:
  • Obtain reference letters:
  • Transfer knowledge to coworkers:
  • Follow-up with contacts:
  • Return parking passes/security cards:
  • Check email/voicemail:
  • Sign confidentiality agreement:
  • Collect personal items:
  • Submit final expense reports:
  • Review benefits:
  • Remove personal data from company systems:
  • Update contact information:
  • Provide forwarding address:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do I need to provide when I resign?

    When resigning from a job, you should provide a written resignation letter stating the date of your last day of employment. Be sure to include any details required by your employer, such as a two-week notice period.

  • Who should I tell first when I resign?

    It is best to inform your immediate supervisor first before anyone else. This will give them time to make arrangements and plan for your departure.

  • What should I do to make sure I leave on good terms with my employer?

    Before you leave, make sure to complete any outstanding projects, tie up loose ends, and return any company property. You should also thank your employer for the opportunity and offer to provide assistance and support during the transition.