Payroll RFP checklist

The Payroll RFP Checklist is a comprehensive list of items to consider when evaluating and selecting payroll software. It covers areas such as vendor background and financial stability, compliance with state and federal regulations, security and privacy, scalability, and integration options. The checklist also includes items related to reporting and analytics, customer service, onboarding and implementation, and training and support. The checklist provides a helpful guide for organizations to review vendors and select the best fit for their payroll needs.

  • Company Information
    • A brief overview of the company including size number of employees location etc.
    • Detailed contact information for the company including the name and contact information of the person responsible for the RFP.
  • Job Requirements
    • The specific tasks and responsibilities required of the payroll provider.
    • Any special requirements for payroll services such as tax filing employee benefit management etc.
  • Cost Structure
    • The pricing structure for the payroll services including any additional fees such as setup fees monthly fees etc.
    • Any discounts or incentives offered.
  • Payment Options
    • The payment options available including credit card ACH etc.
  • Support Services
    • The types of support services offered such as customer service training technical support etc.
  • Security
    • The security measures in place to protect customer data.
  • Reporting
    • The types of reports available including payroll reports tax reports etc.
  • Contract Terms
    • The length of the contract termination fees and other contract terms.
  • References
    • References from current and past customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for a payroll system?

    Requirements for a payroll system typically include the ability to process paychecks, issue direct deposits, manage tax withholdings, and track employee benefits.

  • Does the system provide a mechanism for employee self-service?

    Yes, many payroll systems provide self-service features that allow employees to view their pay stubs, enter and update their personal information, and submit requests for time off.

  • Does the system integrate with other business systems?

    Yes, many payroll systems can integrate with existing accounting and HR systems, allowing businesses to streamline their payroll processes.

  • Does the system support multiple payrolls?

    Yes, most payroll systems are designed to support multiple payrolls, allowing businesses to manage payroll for different departments or locations.

  • Does the system offer reporting capabilities?

    Yes, many payroll systems offer reporting capabilities that allow businesses to generate reports on employee payroll data and performance.