Pre Employment Background Checklist

The Pre Employment Background Checklist is a tool used to evaluate the background of potential employees. It typically contains a variety of items including a criminal background check, credit history, reference checks, employment history, education verification, and drug testing. This helps employers make well informed decisions about hiring the best candidate for the job. The Pre Employment Background Checklist helps ensure that employers are not hiring candidates with potentially disqualifying issues and that the candidate is a good fit for the job. It also helps reduce the risk of legal action in the future.

  • Obtain written consent from the applicant to conduct a background check
  • Confirm applicant’s identity and work eligibility
  • Verify educational qualifications
  • Check professional references
  • Review work history
  • Conduct a criminal background check
  • Verify driving record
  • Check credit report
  • Verify professional certifications
  • Check social media accounts

Checklist Category

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in a pre-employment background check?

    A pre-employment background check typically includes a criminal record search, verification of past employment, education and professional licensure, a credit check and/or a driving record check.

  • How long does a pre-employment background check take?

    Generally, it takes between three and five business days to complete a pre-employment background check. However, depending on the scope of the check, the length of time for completion can vary.

  • How far back does a pre-employment background check go?

    Typically, a standard pre-employment background check goes back seven years from the date of the application. However, some employers may specify a longer or shorter time frame.

  • Is a pre-employment background check required?

    While employers are not required to conduct pre-employment background checks on all job applicants, most employers do conduct some form of background check as part of their hiring process.

  • What type of information can an employer obtain from a pre-employment background check?

    An employer can obtain criminal records, verification of past employment, education, and professional licensure, a credit check and/or a driving record check.