Health and safety checklist

The Health and Safety Checklist is a comprehensive document that outlines the essential safety protocols and procedures to be followed in any workplace. It covers topics such as hazard identification, risk assessment, emergency preparedness, incident reporting, ergonomic and environmental safety, personal protective equipment, and more. It includes information about the relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction, and outlines the duties of employers, workers, and supervisors. The Health and Safety Checklist is an essential tool to help ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

  • Ensure all employees are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Inspect all equipment to ensure it is in good working order
  • Establish safety protocols for hazardous materials and substances
  • Regularly inspect fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment
  • Implement a system to control hazardous waste
  • Establish a hazard communication program
  • Educate employees on the hazards of their job
  • Ensure all exits are clearly marked and unobstructed
  • Perform regular safety inspections of the workplace
  • Develop and maintain a written safety program
  • Ensure all employees are trained on safe work practices
  • Install appropriate machine guards and warning signs
  • Provide first aid supplies and emergency eyewash/shower stations
  • Ensure proper ergonomic practices are in place
  • Make sure all employees have a safe working environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should be included in a health and safety checklist?

    A health and safety checklist should include items such as: ensuring that safety equipment is in good working order, inspecting the premises for any hazards, ensuring that any hazardous materials are properly stored and labelled, and ensuring that all employees are aware of the safety procedures.