Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist

The Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist is a tool used to help identify potential risks of violent behavior in the workplace. It consists of a series of questions that address areas such as employee relations, security and safety, reporting systems, and physical environment. The Checklist also encourages employers to assess and evaluate the work environment, identify areas of vulnerability, and develop appropriate policies and procedures to prevent and respond to potential incidents. It is an essential tool for employers to create and maintain a safe and secure workplace, free of violence and harassment.

  • Develop and implement a workplace violence prevention policy.
  • Provide training on the workplace violence prevention policy to all employees.
  • Establish a reporting system for incidents of workplace violence.
  • Establish a system for responding to workplace violence incidents.
  • Establish a system for tracking and investigating workplace violence incidents.
  • Establish a system for keeping records of workplace violence incidents.
  • Establish a system for evaluating the effectiveness of the workplace violence prevention efforts.
  • Establish a system for monitoring and enforcing the workplace violence prevention policy.
  • Establish procedures for employee access to weapons and dangerous materials.
  • Establish procedures for controlling and monitoring visitors to the workplace.
  • Establish procedures for identifying and addressing potential threats of workplace violence.
  • Establish procedures for responding to threats of workplace violence.
  • Establish procedures for providing counseling and support to victims of workplace violence.
  • Monitor the workplace for signs of potential workplace violence.
  • Ensure that employees are aware of the workplace violence prevention policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is workplace violence?

    Workplace violence is any behavior or act of aggression or threat of physical harm that occurs in a workplace setting. It can include physical, verbal, or psychological abuse, intimidation, and harassment.

  • What are some signs of potential workplace violence?

    Warning signs of potential workplace violence include: changes in behavior, aggressive language, and/or inappropriate jokes; threats of violence; display of weapons; and/or increased complaints of harassment and/or discrimination.

  • What are some strategies for prevention workplace violence?

    Strategies for preventing workplace violence include: developing a zero-tolerance policy, implementing a reporting system, conducting regular safety inspections, providing employee training, and implementing a threat assessment process.