Employee Offboarding Checklist

The Employee Offboarding Checklist is a comprehensive document used to ensure that all the necessary details are taken care of when an employee leaves a company. This includes tasks such as gathering company property, notifying the payroll department, and updating IT records. It also includes items like completing exit surveys, returning company property, and providing references. This checklist helps keep track of all the steps involved in the offboarding process so that nothing is overlooked and the process is as smooth as possible for all involved.

  • Notify employee of departure date:
  • Collect company property:
  • Gather final timesheet/pay information:
  • Remove employee from internal systems:
  • Return company credit cards and/or keys:
  • Cancel employee's access to company systems/data:
  • Transfer relevant files/data to another employee/department:
  • Perform exit interview:
  • Send final pay and any outstanding vacation/benefits:
  • Organize employee records:
  • Send out farewell email to colleagues:
  • Update organization chart:
  • Provide letter of recommendation:
  • Provide relevant feedback to management:
  • Collect feedback from employee:
  • Complete employee offboarding process:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is employee offboarding?

    Employee offboarding is the process of transitioning a departing employee from an organization and ensuring that all the necessary paperwork and processes have been completed.

  • What is included in an employee offboarding checklist?

    An employee offboarding checklist typically includes tasks such as collecting company property, completing termination paperwork, and conducting an exit interview.

  • What should be included in an employee offboarding process?

    An employee offboarding process should include tasks such as collecting company property, completing termination paperwork, and conducting an exit interview, as well as any additional tasks that may be specific to the organization.